More Burpees?

This is the 3rd installment of the IRONPAX challenge. The workout was again grueling, but we somehow made time for some mumble chatter. Hee Haw lead the pax in some SSH and Toy Soliders while YHC laid the course. Bundy was DR, so we had a varied assortment of coupons; from Johnson rocks to weight [...]


Arms and Abs

This foggy morning saw the Q pull in at 0515 on the nose. A 30 second warning was given, followed by the disclaimer. The Thang Sparkles Best Stretch Quad Stretch Lap around the Parking Lot COP-IC LBACF-10 LBACR-10 Moraccon Night Club-10 Iron Cross-30 seconds Wonder Bra-10 Lap around the Parking Lot LBC-10 LBC one foot-10 [...]


1/25 Disclaimer COP-IC 30-SSH 30-LBACF 30-LBACB 30-Moroccan Night Club 30-Wonder Bra 30-Iron Cross Lap around parking lot 30-Squats suicide 30-Jump Squats suicide 30-Ninja Squats Suicide Lap around parking lot to Benches 30-step ups 10-step up merry go round (30 total) 30-calf raises-IC 15-Tempo Calf Raises-IC 15-calf raises-IC 20-dips 20-Incline Mericans 15-Fire Hydrants R 15-Fire Hydrants [...]

9/30-Back to the Gridiron The last Saturday of September saw 14 Pax show up for a beat down. With the humidity slowing leaving, it was a nice 79 degrees at start time. Disclaimer was given, then the Q shared the story of Cheech and reminded Pax that tomorrow isn't promised, so get after it today. [...]