F3 Decathatlon

We pushed trucks....you fartsacked.  We flipped tires, you rolled over onto your spare and hit snooze!  Do you happen to know those apparitions that say they will attend but never show?? 8 men came and took on the F3 decathlon.  You were probably not one of them, and thats ok.  Its probably for the better [...]


Patriot Games

14 pax and 1 fng got up early and came to make themselves better today. A brisk 56 degree, cloudless morning under the stars at Renegade. Adding some team/partner work today to help us remember that not everything is about you, some times it takes 2 or more people to reach a common goal! Mosey [...]

Commander Cuddles’ F3 BEATdown

The Thang: Light mosey to the round-about to get our blood flowing.  Woz started us off with the disclaimer and opening prayer before jumping into the COP. Circle of Pain (COP): Imperial Walkers, x20 Little Baby Arm Circles (LBAC), Forward, x20 LBAC, Reverse, x20 Wonderbra, x20 Around the Round-Abound Lunge around 1/4 loop Little Baby [...]