Using Slack

Slack is a group messaging app that enables online communications for the PAX. Slack provides a wealth of information about using their app at the Slack Help Center and here are some of the most useful articles for F3 SSI:

One of the great features of Slack is channels that allow for specific discussions that can be managed separately. Channels can be either public or private and notifications can be customized for each channel. Here are the most common public channels used by F3 SSI:

  • #mubblechatter – Messaging incessantly to Inspire the Q,  encourage the other PAX and/or connect with FNGs. This is the default channel for F3 SSI communications.
  • #1stF – Fitness Thread. Use or follow this channel to discuss workout ideas.
  • #2ndF – Fellowship Thread. Use or follow this channel to discuss extracurricular activities.
  • #3rdF – Faith Thread. Use or follow this channel for prayer requests.
  • #f3nicknames – Use this channel to share what your nickname means or why you got that name.
  • #fuel – A place to share what we are eating, post recipes, and offer advice and encouragement
  • #ruck – Weirdos Unite. This channel is for all things ruck and should be the ONLY place that rucking is discussed.

Slack also supports methods for private messaging. Direct messages are ad hoc conversations between two or more members.Private channels are intended for specific topics (like GoRuck events or conversations), are invitation-only, and are not viewable from the Slack sidebar unless you are a member.

If you have any questions or need assistance with Slack, please email the ComzQ.