The Turkey Day Kickball Classic

To celebrate the Glynn County Inaugural Adult Kickball league champions (Let's Kick It), today marked the first annual Turkey Day Kickball Classic.  Uptown Girl brought the players out in force and helped make sure we had a great game.  Team captains were Sharktooth and Bambino and Bambino made the right picks to build today's winning [...]

Statesboro Launch – Week 3

As the F3 SSI crew made their way toward Statesboro in the wee hours of Saturday morning, the rain started to come down, prompting @F3Statesboro to ask #doweworkoutintherain? YHC laughed a hearty laugh, punched the accelerator, and replied back in the affirmative.  No #Cantores allowed. The start of Fall Break and the rain invariably slimmed [...]