Pulling Into the Station

10 of us convened for a cold morning of weighted station work at Renegade The Thang Mosey to the bus lane, weights in tow While we did COP, each PAX took a turn carrying a sandbag down the bus lane and back COP: SSH J-Lo Flutter Big boy situps (Jeff) Imperial Walkers Merkins Squats Macarenas [...]


An AUGUST Game of Kickball

Another first Saturday of the month, another F3 Kickball workout by Woz.  Ten brave men and one 2.0 chose the harder thing by coming out this morning. The Thang Mosey to Mallery Park Circled up for a short stretch and warm-up and explained the rules As soon as the pitch is released, the PAX rotates [...]

Cool Breeze & Ocean Seas with Musical Tease & Water Jugs

7 People showed up shivering in the 50 degree cold looking for a good way to warm up. The Thang: -Mosey on to the pier and back to the flag pole to enjoy optimal cold breeze running through our hair and veins. Chumbawampa Song (~3:41) [First Song]         Start with SSH, do a Burpee every [...]