Sailors Warning

Bill of Rights Sailors warning @ Bill of rights July 11, 2020 There was 12 guys including an FNG: Mrs Howell. Loveseat, d2, spritzer, siri, UTG, yogi, sparkey, footloose, Ricky Martin. FnG, war chicken. The FNG is now known asRice-a-Roni. The Constitution was remarkable, but deeply flawed. For one thing, it did not include a [...]


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

With ERT training almost immediately after, YHC called on some help from some HIM's on this Q. I'm a little fuzzy on particulars, you should have been there if you really wanted to know. COP-Salmonella-Savannah Moroccan Night Club-15 Chinooks-8 Reverse Chinooks-7 Some more stuff Q2-Hee Haw, who immediately gave it to Moonshine-Augusta Mosey to benches [...]