One fish, two fish, red fish, blew fish

May the 4th be with you! Forgot the disclaimer, shout out to twinkle toes for the reminder. As many people are doing pathfinder I figured a good portion of this would be ruck friendly.....well could be done with a ruck on. Ssh x25 ic Lbacf x10 ic Lbacr x10 ic Ruck on 5 burpees Mosey [...]


St Simons One Year Anniversary – Beach Blast

Sixteen of the faithful (including two FNGs) came out to mark our first year here in the Golden Isles. It went a little something like this: The Thang TwinkleToes Q The 16 studs gathered in the gloom at Coast Guard Station. Woz gave a 2 minute warning at the exact time it switched to the 1 [...]

Post Matthew Beat Down

4 Pax joined us in the gloom! 10/15 COP-IC
20-Moroccan Night Club
20-Wonder Bra
30 second-Iron Cross Hold
Our Shoulders were screaming! Pavilion of Pain OYO
15-box jumps
15-box jump right side
15-box jump left side
30-toe taps
30-calf raises
15-Negative Tempo Calf Raises-IC 15-Squats 10-Ninja Squats IC
Now our legs were screaming! Little Tortoise and the Hare Mosey to Light House-When Hares caught the Tortoise [...]

6 Month Anniversary Beat Down! Plus my F3 Story and a special Review!!

8 Brave men came out after the Hurricane for a righteous beat down for our 6 Month Anniversary. The Q was a little gassed from having chopped up trees all over the island the day before with his Ax, but he still provided an adequate smokefest, IMHO. The Thang Disclaimer COP-IC 30-SSH 30-LBACF 30-LBACB 30-Moroccan Night [...]