Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

With ERT training almost immediately after, YHC called on some help from some HIM's on this Q. I'm a little fuzzy on particulars, you should have been there if you really wanted to know. COP-Salmonella-Savannah Moroccan Night Club-15 Chinooks-8 Reverse Chinooks-7 Some more stuff Q2-Hee Haw, who immediately gave it to Moonshine-Augusta Mosey to benches [...]


SSI Second Week Expansion Program, the 2ndF – Have PAX, Will Travel

YHC had the privilege to co-Q with Red Ryder St. Simons' second week of #expansion. Two #clowncars (with 5 men) meandered their way down I-95 in the gloom and entered the Golden Isles with 20 minutes to spare. After doing the area recon, we made our way to the AO where the 1-week old #shovelflag was planted [...]