You ask for it, you got it!

So, BM was all like "yo, you need to do another Q with buckets, and sandbags. Then he said, it has been a while since he did a smokehouse"  Well sir, and I use the Sir term loosely, you got what you ask for! I arrived early to set out the coupons and found D2 [...]

The Christmas Spirit

The Christmas Spirit- Q'ed by Rubble On a beautiful morning for a workout, 9 PAX members met up to get in the Christmas spirit.  The warm-up consisted of: SSH X 20 IC Abe Vigota (slow windmill) X 12 IC Sun Gods (arm circles) X 40 IC (10 small forward, 10 small backward, 10 big forward, 10 big [...]



First time Q, 9 in PAX this morning at St Simons Pier starting time 0700 and Disclaimer given. Warm up exercises and stretches before the festivities began. (10) Side Straddle Hops (20) Baby Crunches (10) Burpees completed before beginning rotation in Sledgehammer exercises that was: (10) Traditional Swings with sledgehammer onto tire and (5) thrust [...]

9/30-Back to the Gridiron The last Saturday of September saw 14 Pax show up for a beat down. With the humidity slowing leaving, it was a nice 79 degrees at start time. Disclaimer was given, then the Q shared the story of Cheech and reminded Pax that tomorrow isn't promised, so get after it today. [...]