Murder Hornet

15 PAX climbed out of bed before the sun came up to take the DRP The Thang Disclaimer Forward mosey/backwards mosey around the parking lot COP plank/six inchesPeter Parker x 10tempo merkin x 10sumo jump squat x 15 OYOrosalitas x 15dollys x 15 Around the lot with weight overhead Murder Hornet (from Iron Pax 2019) [...]


Virgin Q!

14 courageous men joined us for Bird Feeder's Virgin Q on this muggy Thursday morning. Light Mosey to the Traffic Circle, which has since been re-named. 15x Side Straddle Hops: In Cadence 15x LBAC: In Cadence 15x LBAC - Reverse: In Cadence 10x Jeff Imperial Walkers: In Cadence Mosey to Back of School and split into three groups for Modified [...]

Swim Buddy adventures

BM and I started the work out early. He rucked to my house 2 miles in 22min, then we rucked to the AO in about 34 min. Started out with a little mosey to the far side of the school Disclaimer -COP Ssh x20, Lbacf, Chinooks, lbacr, Moravian  night clubs x15, Jeff imperial Walkers x15 [...]

Patriot Games

14 pax and 1 fng got up early and came to make themselves better today. A brisk 56 degree, cloudless morning under the stars at Renegade. Adding some team/partner work today to help us remember that not everything is about you, some times it takes 2 or more people to reach a common goal! Mosey [...]

Burpee ladder

Started with a mosey to the roundabout. X25 side straddle hop x15 big boy sit ups x8 merkins all cadence mosey back to the school. Start of burpee ladder X10 x9 x8 x7 Mosey to back pillars burpee ladder x6 x5 run suicides x5 burpee ladder x4 x3 x2 x1 mosey to front of the [...]

Welcome Back!

17 brave souls joined us in the gloom this AM for our first Renegade workout of the year, including 4 FNGs and a Kotter.  Most of our kids head back to school today, so the Christmas break is officially over. We celebrated with the following workout: Started with a warm-up in the parking lot: 15 [...]

Swing your partner round and round

Ten sweaty souls embarked on an action packed partner focused adventure to start the week.  Here's how it went down: The Thang: Mosey to start of Butler Ave Partner chase all the way to the Pearly Gates Partner 1 moseys while partner 2 does 5 burpees in place Partner 2 sprints to catch partner 1 and then [...]