Sailors Warning

Bill of Rights Sailors warning @ Bill of rights July 11, 2020 There was 12 guys including an FNG: Mrs Howell. Loveseat, d2, spritzer, siri, UTG, yogi, sparkey, footloose, Ricky Martin. FnG, war chicken. The FNG is now known asRice-a-Roni. The Constitution was remarkable, but deeply flawed. For one thing, it did not include a [...]


Rice Krispie

A little Monday motivation from Jocko   Saturday, May 9th Another amazing morning on St. Simons! 11 pax including 1 FNG posted for another D2 beatdown. Thank you to HeeHaw for entertaining and starting to warm-up the pax as the Q was running a little behind schedule. Brief disclaimer and then we took a [...]

Siri week PART2 – Post Valentine’s Super 21

Siri Week PART2 -Post Valentine’s Super 21 2020.02.15 With the morning after Valentine’s day upon us, I wasn’t sure of the turnout.  Maybe a huge push to “start the day right” from the Ladies in our lives. Or there was an overindulgence of chocolates and wine with closed-door activities keeping us up to late. My [...]