Be safe, Mayberry

What follows is the backblast from one of our toughest workouts yet, all thanks to our guest Q from Knoxville, Mayberry. Not only did he challenge us physically, but he also shared a powerful testimony to close us out. Thank you for joining us, Mayberry, and be safe. We look forward to you next trip [...]


Total Eclipse of the Pecs

Great work to the 12 PAX who joined me in cranking out push-ups and other upper/lower body exercises. Here's how it went down:Warmup included arm circles, imperial walkers, and shoulder stretches. The THANG20/15/10/5 decline pu, normal pu/merkins, incline pu, bench dipsCircle up with weights, with bent over row, military press, triceps extension, curls, upright rows, [...]

St. Simons Week 6 – Q101

Not many AO's can compete with my home-town brothers in @F3Charleston but @F3StSimons is certainly in contention.  Watching the sun rise over the harbor to expel the #Gloom is worth the road trip all by itself.  Having the opportunity to work out with the local #Faithful, though, and impart a little F3 knowledge is always [...]