It’s too cold for this…

Okay, so "cold" is relative and at about 44 degrees on St. Simons Island I was personally about 16 degrees from comfort. There should be no way I, the Q, Inmate, would be here unless I was conned into Qing this late in the season where I know cold (relatively) weather is far too possible [...]


Alphabet Soup… Come and get some.

Five brave souls awoke and raised themselves into the gloom to improve themselves.   Quick Mossey to end of Pier – Circle up for a quick warm-up - SSH*IC*10, Mountain Climbers*IC*10, Merkins*IC*10, LBC*IC*10*10, Moroccan Night Clubs*IC*10 Mossey back to lawn Start THE THANG W/ Alphabet soup… A – American Hammer * IC * 20 B – Bear Crawl Inch Worm [...]

What’s your favorite Shrimp and Grits dish?

Nice morning... calm water, sky was slightly overcast but clearing.  Seven men decided to start their day out right.  After a quick disclaimer we started. Mosey to the pier then back to the playground/whales for a quick warmup.  Walking lunges start at the whales and continue to the lighthouse. I quickly told the PAX that based on mumble chatter [...]