Swing your partner round and round

Ten sweaty souls embarked on an action packed partner focused adventure to start the week.  Here's how it went down: The Thang: Mosey to start of Butler Ave Partner chase all the way to the Pearly Gates Partner 1 moseys while partner 2 does 5 burpees in place Partner 2 sprints to catch partner 1 and then [...]


SSI Second Week Expansion Program, the 2ndF – Have PAX, Will Travel

YHC had the privilege to co-Q with Red Ryder St. Simons' second week of #expansion. Two #clowncars (with 5 men) meandered their way down I-95 in the gloom and entered the Golden Isles with 20 minutes to spare. After doing the area recon, we made our way to the AO where the 1-week old #shovelflag was planted [...]

St. Simons Big Bang!

At 0515 YHC, Snuffy, OTC, and Jumanji piled into the clown car ready to hit the road for St. Simons Island. This was F3 Jacksonville's 1st Big Bang workout and we were all pumped. We arrived at the beautiful AO right on the Atlantic and got everything set up. The fresh faces started to arrive [...]