puddle of piss

Alternate title: watch boat, hold boat Seven pax joined in the gloom this morning. Weather was perfect. Pax were ready to work. Warmup - SSH, weedpickers, Jeff imperial walkers, side lunges moseyed to pier - incline planked on benches and plank walked down the benches and back, interspersed with about 50 incline merkins along the [...]


Be safe, Mayberry

What follows is the backblast from one of our toughest workouts yet, all thanks to our guest Q from Knoxville, Mayberry. Not only did he challenge us physically, but he also shared a powerful testimony to close us out. Thank you for joining us, Mayberry, and be safe. We look forward to you next trip [...]

Twinkle Toes Comeback Tour Vol V

MAINLAND WON!!! We had 4 pax, 2 mainlanders (One FNG), 1 visitig, and YHC from the Island. Stole this from F3 Summerville's Hot Shot The Thang COP-IC 10-LBACF 10-LBACR 10-SSH 10-Chinook 10-Moroccan Night Club 10-SSH 10-Wonder Bra 60 Second Iron Cross 10-SSH Jog to back building with coupon 7Mary3 Set One "Water's Edge" 7-Squats 7-Ninja [...]