Dirty Thirty

2 in the gloom this glorious morning COP-10 IC LBACF LBACR Moroccan Night Club Chinooks Windmill Hallelujah Squats The Thang Dirty 30-IC 30-SSH 29-LBC 28-Seal Jack 27-Big Boy Sit Up 26-WWI Sit Up 25-Imperial Walkers 24-Ninja Squats 23-WWI Sit Up 22-Imperial Walkers 21-Ninja Squats 20-Seal Jack 19-SSH 18-Big Boy Sit Up 17-LBC 16-Seal Jack 15-SSH [...]


Twinkle Toes Comeback Tour Vol V

MAINLAND WON!!! We had 4 pax, 2 mainlanders (One FNG), 1 visitig, and YHC from the Island. Stole this from F3 Summerville's Hot Shot The Thang COP-IC 10-LBACF 10-LBACR 10-SSH 10-Chinook 10-Moroccan Night Club 10-SSH 10-Wonder Bra 60 Second Iron Cross 10-SSH Jog to back building with coupon 7Mary3 Set One "Water's Edge" 7-Squats 7-Ninja [...]