5 PAX joined D2 Saturday morning for a little jog around the park. After a short warm-up out on the pier, we made our way to the basketball court at the park. Reps for Kobe - 24 Beginning on the baseline run to mid-court and perform an exercise, run back to the baseline, then run [...]


It’s A Block Party…And No Moseys Were Invited

Even though we're starting to see a slight trend toward cooler mornings, today was still a humid one on the Isle of St. Simons. Nine PAX showed up today ready to put in work…and put in work they would because, since YHC is nursing a potential foot problem, there would be no moseys…which forced me [...]

2018 SGHS Bridge Run Double Down!

The gnats we're bad, like really really bad.... only relief was watching TwinkleToes do ninja gnat swatting sit-ups and the occasional retribution of eating a gnat of two.  Lets start from the beginning.... 1 by 1 the PAX arrived, and as we prepped for the beatdown, everyone applied multiple applications of No-Gnatz and Off..... in [...]

Auld Lang Syne (F3-style)

In another strong showing this week, 18 PAX showed up on a cold and blustery morning for the final beatdown of 2017, which went something like this…. Along with Hee Haw, D2, Sandlot, and Rich Nazzaro (who would be anointed as Luigi just a scant hour later), YHC rolled up to my own Q just [...]