Seven of Diamonds

Six pax met in the cool northeast breeze to start their week off. After some warmups we settled into the main event. Started with the Seven of Diamonds. Worked a diamond shaped course around the pier parking lot. Did a series of sets at all corners of diamond each round. 7 burpees, 14 american hammers, [...]


balls of pain

4 heavy hitters attacked this morning! Warm-Up Arm Circles Neck Rotations Imperial Walkers Trunk Swings Squats Lateral Shuffles Butt Kickers High Knees Workout # 1 6 Rounds of 35 lb wall balls or ball over shoulderPeter Parkers20 lb wall balls or ball over shoulderParker Peters at an interval of :45 / :15 (work 45 seconds [...]

Stirring the Coals

11.11.21 Veterans Day Spirits were amiable this morning as 9 PAX assembled in the gloom to link shields and train. After greetings, salutations, and general pleasantries were exchanged, we got down to the business of training our minds and bodies. As I alluded to yesterday, this session came in three parts. Phase I: Stirring Coals [...]