Lately us older guys have outnumbered the younger guys. For my first Q I decided to group exercises in groups of fifty in order to honor the outstanding attendance of our nearly there or over fifty contingent. Warm up: Weed Pickers, LBCs, Finkel Kicks, SSHs Thang: Group 1 -25 LBCs, 15 Flutter Kicks, 10 Freddie [...]



I was called upon to Q my first workout and gladly accepted. 12 PAX were in attendance in the gloom, including 1 FNG (Tea Party). Hopefully, most will agree that the title of this post isn't because I bombed my VQ, but the name of the workout. The thang: Warm Up - Little Baby Arm [...]

Dora 1,2,3,1000

As I drove to the AO this morning with a steady rain hitting my windshield, I told myself that if it was only me and one other pax then I’d suggest some solid second F over some hashbrowns at the Waffle House in lieu of a workout.  Surely the rain would deter most of the [...]