Post Easter-post…

Well I for one, raged on a Easter Day buffet and given the likelihood that my fellow F3ers did the same, we took to SSI and hit it hard this morning! Weather-great Ambiance-dark Disclaimers-The usual plus Q checked for running shoes to ensure safe conditions The thang: Mosey to Mallory Park COP: Merkins-10 two count [...]


To paraphrase James Taylor’s “Walking Man”-“A walking man RUNS!!”

What a beautiful morning on SSI. 7 PAX braved...well, nothing. The early hour I guess because everything else was wonderful! After the mandatory disclaimer statements and making fun of Cow Tipper's new weight vest which, in case anyone wonders, looks like a prop from "A Fifty Shades of Grey" movie, and a very rhetorically question [...]

It’s too cold for this…

Okay, so "cold" is relative and at about 44 degrees on St. Simons Island I was personally about 16 degrees from comfort. There should be no way I, the Q, Inmate, would be here unless I was conned into Qing this late in the season where I know cold (relatively) weather is far too possible [...]

Jailbreak SSI-MLK Day-January 16, 2017

The Monday Jailbreak crew arrived with 10 PAX Weather: 57 degree and beautiful at the Saint Simons Island Pier The thang: Mosey to Parkers gas station: 20-Side straddle hops 10 Merkins 10 Side straddle hops 20 Freddie Mercurys Mosey to Whale, SSI park 10 two count pullups (Inmate nearly killed himself by bashing his skull [...]

Swing your partner round and round

Ten sweaty souls embarked on an action packed partner focused adventure to start the week.  Here's how it went down: The Thang: Mosey to start of Butler Ave Partner chase all the way to the Pearly Gates Partner 1 moseys while partner 2 does 5 burpees in place Partner 2 sprints to catch partner 1 and then [...]