The concept of obedience has become shrouded with a connotation of negativity.  When obedience comes to mind thoughts of "must" or "have to" soon follow and not feelings of desire or longing.  But when Jesus walked the earth he carried out a very different lifestyle of obedience.  Obedience to God is choosing to live a [...]


Tuesday – the day of no running.

So no running, will there be. Goals of this workout: be difficult, break a sweat, and not move more then 3 feet from where we started. Disclaimer The thang a CoP Ssh ic x10 Merkins ic x10 Jeff imperials ic x10 Ssh ic x10 Grab a weight Thrusters ic x10 Taint ticklers ic x10 with [...]

Gettin it

Was nice seeing such a solid crowd out there this am, some new faces (for me), some guest pax. everyone really put it out there this morning despite the humidity. solid work was done by all. it was fast paced but we got through it. Quick Disclaimer Mosey out on the Pier: SSH X 25 [...]

Father’s Day

Father's Day weekend and we had a lot of 2.0s with us. Disclaimer I defined a MAN as "an adult male who accepts his masculinity, speaks and acts with maturity, embraces responsibility, functions independently, can lead a family faithfully and recognizes his accountability as an image bearer of God" The thang COP-IC 10-SSH 10-LBACF 10-LBACR [...]

Buddy Circuit

Shout out to the PAX for showing up this morning to kick off the Memorial Day Weekend, and the end of the school year for the 2.0's with a little warm up, intense exercise, and cool down.  The workout went as follows: Warmup:  20x Side Straddle Hop, 10x Windmill, Merkins (1/3,2/3,3/3) and 10x full, LBAC F&R [...]