Bicep Burnout… Almost

7 men made it out of the gloom and into the light this morning... swampy, dark, peaceful, morning.  Rooster across from the school was already crowing, so we got started quickly. Mosey down to round about, continue to run around until all members of PAX were accounted for. SSH x 20 IC, Merkins x 10 IC, LBC's [...]


SSI Second Week Expansion Program, the 2ndF – Have PAX, Will Travel

YHC had the privilege to co-Q with Red Ryder St. Simons' second week of #expansion. Two #clowncars (with 5 men) meandered their way down I-95 in the gloom and entered the Golden Isles with 20 minutes to spare. After doing the area recon, we made our way to the AO where the 1-week old #shovelflag was planted [...]