Today was a ruck workout for all participants. All exercises done IC 10-LBACF 10-LBACR 10-Chinook 10-Moroccan Nightclub 10-Wonder Bra Marched 1 mile to GMS with a 60# sandbag being tossed around 10-Squats 10-SSH 10-Squats Marched 1 mile back Great morning! Got to introduce Evita to the world of ruck. He dominated the sandbag

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

After a six week hiatus (fartsack) from Qing, YHC took the reins again today along with my THREE FNGS! Even had a fourth on the hook but I'll reel him in another week.  I promised a lighter running day so obviously we started out with some running... The Thang Disclaimer Mosey out the drive-in and [...]