St Simons gets Crabby

A Pax of 9 men woke up this morning to support my virgin Q... I appreciate that guys, thanks.  Weather was beautiful considering it rained cats and dogs yesterday afternoon and evening.  Slight wind, overcast and about 65 degrees.  We moseyed over to the grassy area near the casino.  After a quick disclaimer and quickly talking about [...]


St. Simons Week 6 – Q101

Not many AO's can compete with my home-town brothers in @F3Charleston but @F3StSimons is certainly in contention.  Watching the sun rise over the harbor to expel the #Gloom is worth the road trip all by itself.  Having the opportunity to work out with the local #Faithful, though, and impart a little F3 knowledge is always [...]

Backblast-SSI F3 Monday 0530

Alcon, we had a beautiful, but cold, workout today. The following fun was had by all in the Pier Village and surrounding areas of South SSI: Disclaimer read by Inmate Mosey to Parkers for the COP: C.O.P Side Straddle Hop-20 Imperial Walker-20 Merkins-10 Graduated Squats-15 Burpee OYO-5 LBC-10 Diamond Merkins-10 John Travoltas-10 Mosey to village [...]