Texas Two Step (Sort Of)

Nice breeze this morning at the pier for what the Q had planned as a Texas Two Step workout geared towards 'slow, slow, quick, quick' which is how we'd danced in Houston back in the day. Goal was to intermix slow cadence followed by fast and then slow again to mix up our muscles. Stretching [...]


90s throwback redo!

Visitors! 4 today, 2 from the great white north of NC, and 2 from a clandestine operation in Perry, GA. I redid a previous workout and added to it! Here's it is... THE THANG COP-All IC 10-SSH 10-1Leg SSH Flap Jack 10-1Leg SSH 10-Seal Jack 15-LBAC Forward Hold 15-LBAC Reverse Hold 15-Moroccan Nightclub 10-Sumo Squats [...]