There is nothing inherently wrong with comfort - it’s just that it is the enemy.  No growth occurs in comfort.  Comfort is the frog in the pot of water slowly simmering only to eventually boil it to death.  Enjoy your comfort - but do not stay there too long. This morning 12 pax and YHC [...]


Tuesday Tabata

Q-Twinkletoes posted on slack last night that he's coming down with something, so YHC stepped in to help.  10 PAX, including 2 visitors.  Workout is as follows: Disclaimer Warm Up- Weed pickers, windmills, self hugs, shoulder and triceps stretch. About 3 -4 minutes Tabata- 13:30 minutes (20seconds on, 10 seconds rest) of SSH, speed skates, [...]

Arms and Abs

This foggy morning saw the Q pull in at 0515 on the nose. A 30 second warning was given, followed by the disclaimer. The Thang Sparkles Best Stretch Quad Stretch Lap around the Parking Lot COP-IC LBACF-10 LBACR-10 Moraccon Night Club-10 Iron Cross-30 seconds Wonder Bra-10 Lap around the Parking Lot LBC-10 LBC one foot-10 [...]

G.O.O.D.B.Y.E. K.I.W.I.

The gloom was literally such this morning. Dark. Misty. Windy. Cloudy. It was a perfect day for people to skip out…BUT, a strong Tuesday showing of 10 PAX (including one FNG who would walk away from this workout with a totally awesome F3 name) came out to get yoked and make their shirts feel a [...]