Run with Ernie Double Down

A rag tag crew assembled for a double down at 0530 in the gloom at Coast Guard Station. A quick shuttle ride to Gascoigne Bluff for the BeatDown portion of our double down. Disclaimer COP-Lead by YHC 20-SSH-IC 15-Seal Jacks-IC 10-Imperial Walkers-IC 5-Burpees OYO 60 seconds LBC-AMRAP 15-American Hammers-OYO 15-Squat Jumps-IC 10-Hydraulic Squats-OYO 5-Captain Thor-OYO [...]


90s throwback redo!

Visitors! 4 today, 2 from the great white north of NC, and 2 from a clandestine operation in Perry, GA. I redid a previous workout and added to it! Here's it is... THE THANG COP-All IC 10-SSH 10-1Leg SSH Flap Jack 10-1Leg SSH 10-Seal Jack 15-LBAC Forward Hold 15-LBAC Reverse Hold 15-Moroccan Nightclub 10-Sumo Squats [...]