The Visitors Invaded F3 St Simons

PAX: Loveseat, Geico, Booster (visitor), Twang (visitor), Saint2O (visitor)   Q: Saint2O So, there were 5 that showed up in the gloom this morning, and 3 of them were visiting, so we got what we wanted, including YHC, the Q. Warmup: We moseyed the long way out to the street and did the following, all [...]


Auld Lang Syne (F3-style)

In another strong showing this week, 18 PAX showed up on a cold and blustery morning for the final beatdown of 2017, which went something like this…. Along with Hee Haw, D2, Sandlot, and Rich Nazzaro (who would be anointed as Luigi just a scant hour later), YHC rolled up to my own Q just [...]

If You Can’t Stand the Heat…Post Anyway

17 sweaty PAX posted on our nation's birthday for a classic smokefest.  It involved baseball fields, guest Qs, and humidity so high we could chew on it.  Here's what happened: The Thang Mosey up Mallery to Mallery Park and the "park is closed from 11PM-7AM" sign at 6:33AM COP SSH x 13 Merkins x 13 IW [...]

St Simons gets Crabby

A Pax of 9 men woke up this morning to support my virgin Q... I appreciate that guys, thanks.  Weather was beautiful considering it rained cats and dogs yesterday afternoon and evening.  Slight wind, overcast and about 65 degrees.  We moseyed over to the grassy area near the casino.  After a quick disclaimer and quickly talking about [...]