Lazy Dora

Eight pax met in the chilly morning air to improve ourselves. Did a variation of a Lazy Dora. While one partner did 25 reps of an exercise the other did some resistance training of sorts. Got thru seven rounds of 100 reps each. Merkins/Plank, Curls/Weight Overhead, Squats/Wall Sit, American Hammers (2ct)/Legs at 6 inches, Overhead [...]


10lb ball II

5 HIMS gathered on this beautiful Saturday morning to get fit. We had a guest from Macon, Cabbage join us. Disclaimers and warm-ups then mosey to flag pole 3 series of exercises we did 3 complete rounds. Series 1: run from flag to tree and back, 5 merkins. Shuffle left to tree, mosey back, 5 [...]

10lb ball

7 HIMS gathered for a morning workout. After disclaimers and warm ups we got after it. Lined up at cones, run to end and back then 5 merkins. Repeat with shuffle left then shuffle right. We each overhead throw ball then thrower picks movement to get to ball. Did bear crawls, lunges, and of course [...]


Seven men met in Gloom to better themselves. Pretty simple workout. Warmed up at compass by pier. Did ten reps of three exercises at each of three stations. Mosey back to start, repeat. Station 1 Compass (dips, stepups 10 each leg, big boy sit ups) Station 2 End of Cover on Pier ( Shoulder Taps [...]

IRON MAN, WarChicken HAS HAD IT ALL FOR 50 years of marital bliss.50th Wedding Anniversary Workout June 25, 2022

12 gathered in the early morning humidity. Stumpe, Siri, Loveseat, Capone, Yogi, Woz, Lowlights, D2, Katonka, Grout, and the incomparable Footloose. Forever Young May God bless and keep you always May your wishes all come true May you always do for others And let others do for you May you build a ladder to the [...]