Step on Up

Eight Pax showed up in the wind and cold this morning. Seven at the appointed time. One 30 minutes later. After a quick warm up we moseyed to the picnic tables. Did a series of merkins and jump squats. One merkin, cross the table, ten squats, cross the table, two merkins, cross the table nine [...]


Semper Fidelis

U.S. Marines raising flag atop Mount Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima. Date: February 23, 1945 On November 10, 1775, the greatest military force in the history of mankind was born. 247 years later, on November 10, 2022, 11 pax celebrated the U.S. Marine Corps birthday in the early hours of Hurricane Nicole. The [...]


9 HIMs gathered in the cool, dark morning to make better men of themselves. Warmups and disclaimers then we got to it: 3 stations with gear that needed to be moved: 1: truck tire pull - team pull tire around parking lot with a rope 2: tractor tire flip: team flip/1 merkin, continue 3: overhead [...]

10lb ball II

5 HIMS gathered on this beautiful Saturday morning to get fit. We had a guest from Macon, Cabbage join us. Disclaimers and warm-ups then mosey to flag pole 3 series of exercises we did 3 complete rounds. Series 1: run from flag to tree and back, 5 merkins. Shuffle left to tree, mosey back, 5 [...]

10lb ball

7 HIMS gathered for a morning workout. After disclaimers and warm ups we got after it. Lined up at cones, run to end and back then 5 merkins. Repeat with shuffle left then shuffle right. We each overhead throw ball then thrower picks movement to get to ball. Did bear crawls, lunges, and of course [...]