Insanity, Catnip style.

Eight men made it a priority to leave the warm, cozy fartsack for a crisp new beat down Catnip style.  The beat down will not be clearly described in my write up today, as I'm sure he wishes to "surprise and delight" others with his first solo Q. Mosey to pier and back to flag area [...]


Hee Haw / Tinman Double Trouble 2017 Welcome Party

Perfect morning to come out of the fartsack and into the gloom... perfect not because of the good weather, but because the morning perfectly represented what a gloomy morning would look like.  After a 1-minute warning and the disclaimer we started our warm-up... because like Twinkle says " you have to warm up the PAX before you wear out the [...]

Alphabet Soup… Come and get some.

Five brave souls awoke and raised themselves into the gloom to improve themselves.   Quick Mossey to end of Pier – Circle up for a quick warm-up - SSH*IC*10, Mountain Climbers*IC*10, Merkins*IC*10, LBC*IC*10*10, Moroccan Night Clubs*IC*10 Mossey back to lawn Start THE THANG W/ Alphabet soup… A – American Hammer * IC * 20 B – Bear Crawl Inch Worm [...]

What’s your favorite Shrimp and Grits dish?

Nice morning... calm water, sky was slightly overcast but clearing.  Seven men decided to start their day out right.  After a quick disclaimer we started. Mosey to the pier then back to the playground/whales for a quick warmup.  Walking lunges start at the whales and continue to the lighthouse. I quickly told the PAX that based on mumble chatter [...]

Big Smiles & Cheesy Eyes

A Pax of 7 rolled out this morning.  We started with some slow stretch exercises, then moved into full blown awkwardness of big cheesy smiles and smiley eyes. Follow the leader/simon says run to the round-about.  Regular run, high knees, regular run, butt kickers, regular run, high-jump skip, regular run, sprint around the loop... plank it up until 6 is complete. SSH IC [...]

Power Walk at the Pier…

Eight (8) faithfuls posted  for this weeks Sailors Warning workout this Saturday morning.  Although it was hot and muggy, the ocean provided a beautiful backdrop. Powerwalk from casino area to pier, pushing the speed as well as the swinging arms.  Near the end of the pier convert into indian run to the light house. COP:  [...]