better late then never

A wonderful day and a wonderful way to start the day. Cop Ssh ic x25 Lbacf ic x10 Lbacr ic x10 Ssh ic x10 Ultimate merkins ic x5 Twinkle toes showed up sometime after the Dora started. Dora Thrusters 100 Weighted crunches 200 Weighted Squats 300 Partner sprints to end of lot and back Circle [...]


The 9/11 Irma

9/11 A second day of the the USA will never forget, the first being Pearl Harbor. Since hurricane Irma is reared my her ugly face this is an at home workout for anyone who wants it. Overall, 2,605 U.S. citizens, including 2,135 civilians, died in the attacks, while an additional 372 non-U.S. citizens. To honor [...]

Getting ready for the week

Circle up Ssh ic x25 Merkins ic x10 Mosey to light house Circle up Squats with hold ic x10 Burpees x5 oyo Squats ic x10 Mosey to beach 11s Burpees Merkins Bear crawl between Only did half to keep up with time Mosey up beach Burpees x5 oyo Mosey to flags Dora Lunges, dive bombers [...]

Tuesday – the day of no running.

So no running, will there be. Goals of this workout: be difficult, break a sweat, and not move more then 3 feet from where we started. Disclaimer The thang a CoP Ssh ic x10 Merkins ic x10 Jeff imperials ic x10 Ssh ic x10 Grab a weight Thrusters ic x10 Taint ticklers ic x10 with [...]


Forgot to write this up, but what really reminded me was we had a visitor from Lexington this morning, for all you fart suckers that didn't show up, and I named it remembering for those that have ever lost a family member or close friend. Though the loss is hard and will never be easy, [...]