Everything is hard until you do something harder

Opportunities abound in a burpicide beatdown. Warm-0-rama: Runner's stretch, quad stretch, arm circles (OYO) 4 rounds of burpicides: start at Brogens, sprint to little playground 1 burpee, sprint to big playground, 2 burpees. Rinse and repeat but increasing each burpee rep by 100% each round. After each round, we accomplished 1 minute worth of merkins [...]


9/11 Tour de Village

8 PAX arrived in the gloom for yet another 9/11 themed beatdown. The weather was remarkable, and the early mumblechatter centered on the documentaries produced by MARVEL. We were primed and ready to run. Dodgeball, Loveseat, War Chicken, Mr. Brady, Huey Luey, Butterfinger, Uptown Girl, Earhart WARM-O-RAMA: 6 large arm circles forward, 6 large arm [...]