It Pays to be a Winner

9 men tackled another D2 sandbag workout this morning on the beach! The weather was beautiful and after a DISCLAIMER we began warming up the body for the upcoming challenges!!! The Warm-Up Up Dog / Down Dog / Calf Stretch A few merkins and a few peter parkers Neck Rotations Squats Imperial Walkers Arm Circles [...]


The Little Mermaid

14 men earned their daily red pill this morning! The weather was great and a little bit of rain was a welcome relief. After the disclaimer we did a big warm up to get the body primed for the Little Mermaid Beat Down. Arm Circles, over head claps, mosey, squats, lateral shuffles, skipping, butt kickers, [...]

Waxing Gibbous

10 pax joined D2 for an intense morning of work! Order of Events Disclaimer Warm-upBurpee Hand Release Merkin with an Extra Squat Line Drill Pull-up, Lunges, Run, Squat, Repeat Don't Let GOBurpee Hand Release Merkin with an Extra Squat Line Drill AGAINCircle of Trust Full Disclaimer followed by a warm-up of arm circles, squats, SSH, [...]