Full Moon Jailbreak-June 20, 2016

As an F3 "Inmate" I can tell you it isn't the best idea to attempt a jailbreak on a full moon.  The screws have it too easy to wrestle any escapees back into the pen. However, 7 dedicated souls were brave in the attempt at 5:30 am with an almost perfect 70ish degree morning. After [...]


Backblast-SSI F3 Monday 0530

Alcon, we had a beautiful, but cold, workout today. The following fun was had by all in the Pier Village and surrounding areas of South SSI: Disclaimer read by Inmate Mosey to Parkers for the COP: C.O.P Side Straddle Hop-20 Imperial Walker-20 Merkins-10 Graduated Squats-15 Burpee OYO-5 LBC-10 Diamond Merkins-10 John Travoltas-10 Mosey to village [...]