Bundy’s Greatest Years in Music History, Part 1: 1988

A surprisingly cool morning snuck up on us, but it warmed up in a hurry once we got started…to the point where I was able to comfortably strip down to my “sleeveless like Cheech” tank top without getting cold. It was a perfect day for a beatdown in the gloom for the 5 PAX (including [...]


G.O.O.D.B.Y.E. K.I.W.I.

The gloom was literally such this morning. Dark. Misty. Windy. Cloudy. It was a perfect day for people to skip out…BUT, a strong Tuesday showing of 10 PAX (including one FNG who would walk away from this workout with a totally awesome F3 name) came out to get yoked and make their shirts feel a [...]

“This is how I fight my battles….”

Before I get into the nitty gritty, I'd like to say that the annual SSCC Iron Man should be on the yearly to-do list for every member of our PAX. It's fun, it's moving, it's challenging, it's unburdening, it's social, it's restful, it's gluttonous, and, most importantly, it can be a fresh start for those [...]

Auld Lang Syne (F3-style)

In another strong showing this week, 18 PAX showed up on a cold and blustery morning for the final beatdown of 2017, which went something like this…. Along with Hee Haw, D2, Sandlot, and Rich Nazzaro (who would be anointed as Luigi just a scant hour later), YHC rolled up to my own Q just [...]