Gettin it

Was nice seeing such a solid crowd out there this am, some new faces (for me), some guest pax. everyone really put it out there this morning despite the humidity. solid work was done by all. it was fast paced but we got through it. Quick Disclaimer Mosey out on the Pier: SSH X 25 [...]


Active Shooter Scenario Training

9 Pax decided to show up early Monday morning to prepare themselves for a semi-unlikely but definitely possible situation in the world we live in today. We had a few guys post that don't normally come on Mondays, I think everyone was secretly hoping to become the backup Q anticipating a Q fartsack from BM [...]

Beach Coupons!

Awesome turnout this AM, sorry I had to call the 1 minute warning from 200 yards away in the dark, the beach ruck ran late and we were busy setting up coupons on the other side of the AO to be discovered later. Thanks Tin Man for checking in on my status, ensuring I wasn't Fartsacking [...]

Magnificent Mainland Multitude

YHC was beyond honored to Q our first & best ever workout at The Coffin. The turnout this 56 degree morning in mysterious and foreign territory could not have been any better. We welcomed back 2 Kotters and welcomed 4 FNGs into our PAX (19 TOTAL attendees showed up!). I want to personally thank each and every one of [...]

Cool Breeze & Ocean Seas with Musical Tease & Water Jugs

7 People showed up shivering in the 50 degree cold looking for a good way to warm up. The Thang: -Mosey on to the pier and back to the flag pole to enjoy optimal cold breeze running through our hair and veins. Chumbawampa Song (~3:41) [First Song]         Start with SSH, do a Burpee every [...]