The Nantan and his Jokes

Siri dropped off the flags this morning on his way out of town, and was kind enough to include a cute note for a backup weinke in case I fartsacked. Unfortunately for the group, I showed up with a previous workout circa 2017. Here's the thang: Brief mosey for some warm-up exercises that included SSH, [...]


Inner Caboose

Was about 2 minutes late getting started while we waited for D2 and Heehaw to finish up there ~8 mile pre-ruck (good work men), as well as Twinkletoes and Uptown Girl to find a place to lock up there tricycles. Its been so long since BM has worked out, let alone Q'd, so he embarrassingly [...]

I showed up about 10 til, and only Heehaws truck was there. This was good, since I asked him to bring the Bluetooth speaker (wink wink twinkletoes, its 2017), however YHC feared the potential weather was valid enough reason to stay in the fartsack. I was excited to see a total of 14 people out [...]