Nobody better lay a finger…

…on (our) Butterfinger. Although he did say “bring it on” to the birthday pummeling that was floated. Tough guy that one. We celebrated his 56th birthday with a 56 rep theme throughout.

The Thang



  • SSH x 56
  • LBC x 56
  • Single count squats x 56
  • Single count merkins x 56

Mosey to home tree

7 rounds x 8 reps with a lap in between each round (56 total!)

  • Star jumps
  • Dolly
  • Carolina dry dock

Mosey back to OPES

AMRAP for :56

  • Flutter
  • American hammer
  • Burpees (crowd pleaser)


Announcements/Prayer Requests

Anniversary workout March 11th at the beach. 3-4 hours of “fun” possibly followed by some food

WarPig’s M continues to heal. Safe travels for the fellas skiing

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!



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