Step on Up

Eight Pax showed up in the wind and cold this morning. Seven at the appointed time. One 30 minutes later. After a quick warm up we moseyed to the picnic tables. Did a series of merkins and jump squats. One merkin, cross the table, ten squats, cross the table, two merkins, cross the table nine squats and so forth until we reached ten squats. Mosey to flag pole. Same set up as picnic tables with big boy sit ups at the top of stairs and side saddle hops at bottom. Into the living room. Start at a corner. Ten step ups move to next corner ten merkins. Lunge walk long sides , bear crawl short sides. Two rounds of this. Back to flags, picked up Blackberry and headed to pier. Alternating ten merkins and ten squats at each pillar of covered section. Mosey to east end , 25 merkins, mosey to west end 25 squats. Alternating tens at columns coming back out.


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