It’s become a tradition for many to pickup the Q on (or near) their birthday. I celebrated my 52nd birthday on Sunday, Nov 6 so jumped in for the Q this morning. We had the privilege of working out under the blood full moon which was a cool thing to see.

A solid dozen pax in attendance is a good, strong number for the Iron Man workouts and was happy to see so many guys there when I arrived this morning. In attendance was:
Loveseat, Blackberry, D2, War Chicken, Mr Brady, Butterfinger, Low Lights, Geico, I’m A Man?, EZGO, Gump, and YHC.

After a few warmups we got straight into the exercises, which featured several variations of ways to get the number “52”.

The main idea was:
2 exercises – 26 reps each (=52 reps)
5 rounds.

So that gets you 130 reps of each exercise.

First set of exercises was five rounds of:
26 weighted curls
26 squats

After each of the five rounds, we walked the parking circle with weights overhead. Planked on the 6 (which wasn’t me this time!) and did 10 merkins together.

Second set of exercises was five rounds of:
26 overhead presses
26 single-count lunges

After each of these five rounds, we did a bear crawl across the paver area, and back.

We then did 26 BBS, OYO, and ran out of time.

It took a lot more time than I expected, as I’d planned on at least 4 rounds, the final of which was going to be 26 bear crawl steps and 26 broad jumps, 5 rounds in the parking lot. I’m glad we didn’t get that far … as they say “if you can’t do it, don’t Q it”.

The pace wasn’t super crazy, as D2 put it, “it was more relaxed”.

Relaxed or not, I’m feeling it in my arms and legs as of 11:00 am already, and hope a few more people are feeling the burn.

Honorable Mention to Geico, who has taken advantage of the time change and posted twice in a row.


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