Another Redux

Decided to bring back my first Monday Q. Seven pax gathered in the surprisingly less humid gloom. We had two visitors. Poo Bear from South Carolina and Grout from Charlotte.

Mosey to alley behind Strothers. Warm up included arm circles, tempo squats, walk out merkins, and imperial walkers. Mosey to Mellow. We were a little early for happy hour so we made the best of it. Partnered up. One partner did merkins while the other bear crawled to top of ramp and back. Four rounds. Repeat with squats and LBCs. Twelve round total.

Mosey to Half Shell. One partner did merkins while the other climbed the stairs. Repeat with squats and LBC. Only six rounds this time. Mosey to picnic area. Everyone found a table. Same exercises different routine. Start with nine merkins, go across table, do eight, back across the so forth. Once again did a round of merkins, squats and LBC.

Mosey to flag and finish with a round of dealers choice. Think we did crunchy frogs, plank variations, freddy mercury, flutter rosalitas, WW1 sit ups, cross legged LBCs and American Hammers


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