Burpee Ladder

13 HIMs joined the Sailor’s Warning Q for a morning beatdown. Warm ups and disclaimers, then off to start da thang:

3 stations, flagpole at Casino using steps – up and down with a burpee, picnic tables, box jump up to table and burpee, playground, burpee/pullup. 10 rounds, 1 rep at each station, then 2, so on to 10. It sucked.

D2 and Lowlights killed it. most of us got around 8-9 completed rounds.

finished with a lot of flutter kicks.

7am Memorial Day, Monday – murph led by D2

Huey (War Daddy, Respect), EZGO (Respect), Footloose (Respect), Uptown (Respect), Suds (Respect), Siri, Lowlights, D2, Loveseat, I’m A Man (Je suis un homme), Perogi, Sharktooth (War Baby) – And Blackberry showed up after we closed out!


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