Back down the ladder

11 HIMs gathered to better their physical and mental health this morning. We started with some warms of LBAC, Overhead Claps, Weed Pickers, Finkle kicks, SSH and burpees. Mosey one lap around the parking lot to get stretched out and we were off.

We started up at the start of the cones at the cross walk. Run to the last cone at the end of the drop off line and do 1 Squat and 1 Merkin, then run back to start line and do 5 box jumps. Run to the second to last cone and do 2 Squats and 2 Merkins and run back for 5 box jumps, then to the third to last cone for 3 and 3, etc. Five box jumps between each. There were 9 cones total. Once the lead runners got to the last cone, I did a sneak attack and announced to go back down the ladder all the way to 1 Squat and 1 Merkin again.

Once done with that, we slowsied to the playground where we did 9 dips and 1 pullup, then crab walked down the ramp (not crawl bear, thanks Cowtipper) and bear crawled back up. Then 8 dips and 2 pullups, 7 dips and 3 pullups, etc, until 1 dip and 10 pullups. We ran short on time, so we modified toward the end mosied backup the ramp instead of bear crawl. Slowsied back to the flags.

Prayer Requests – Udell family holding services today. Keep their family in your thoughts and prayers.


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