JailBrake April 4, 2022

In the cool gloom at Neptune’s park was the experience of this week? Eight experienced men showed up for the fun. I’mAMan, Siri, MrBrady, LowLights, Grapple, ButterFinger, and a visitor from F3 corporate. Warmups we’re the usual arm circles, weed pickers, Finkle kicks and Gator chomps. The Guys humored me on that last one and I am appreciative. A lot of mosying between a pick your favorite exercise that asked each participant to name an exercise. The we did intervals with catch the old man as the goal. WarChicken won the first two intervals by using experience and guile. After they caught on, the young bucks smoked him. We ended with stair step push ups and the circle of trust.


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