7 PAX took their MONDAY by the horns early in the morning gloom and swallowed their Weekly Red Pill

Jailbreak Monday March 21, 2022 Q’d by @Blackberry. Attendees @Chewie @Smokey @loveseat @Low Lights @Mall Cop @Fidget Spinner @Blackberry

7 PAX took their MONDAY by the horns early in the morning gloom and swallowed the Weekly Red Pill.

Stretches, neck rolls, arm circles, and bouncing hamstring stretches in the parking lot, then a mozy to the end of the pier.

SSH, Groiners, Jane Fonda Hip Abductors (for lower back), Butt Wipes, Tempo Imperial Walkers, Little Baby Leg Circles, Dry Docks. Mozy to the Circle O’ Benches

Bench Circle
-5x Bulgarian Split Squats, focus on quads of the forward leg, with the rear leg raised behind on the bench
-5x Austrian Dry Docks, with legs raised on the bench
-repeat for each x6 benches

Bench Jump Mozy
We proceeded from the “little” playground to the “big” one, stopping at each bench along the way for 5x bench jumps. Q recommended a modified assist grasping the back of the bench; the other modify being a step-up (which hurts what’s left of my knees). Mall Cop & Loveseat were badass and did their jumps in the clear and unassisted. As there were more than 20 benches, they did more than 100 bench jumps.

Toe Touch Hanging Leg Raise + Mountain Climbs
On the playground, we did sets of 5 Hanging Leg Raises from the pull up bars, paired with 5 up & over mountain climbs of the concrete picnic tables. Ideally during the leg raise, you kip a bit with some momentum and touch your toes to your hands, which Mall Cop did effortlessly

Alligator Merkin Stair Crawl
The Q tried to call time but the PAX begged to do the last item left on the Wienke, the Alligator Merkin Stair crawl. We climbed the stairs one by one, with a Merkin on each one, and it was as straightforward as it sounds. Rounding the column and descending the stairs in the same fashion was another story, but it was somehow done.

Low Lights closed us out. Prayers for Loveseat’s daughter; sounds like they found good people and resources for Valeria at a school for the Deaf in JAX. Low Lights said he will make the Merkin Stair Crawl a Thang when he finally leads the Q.

Post workout, Fidget & Blackberry helped Mall Cop retrace our entire route looking for his car keys, which surely fell out of pocket during one of the numerous times we spent upside down. Luckily he found them right where they were supposed to be. Happy Monday.


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