Tabata Tuesday

7 pax joined D2 for the Ironman workout this morning, Tuesday, March 15th.

A Tabata is a form of HIIT (high-intensity interval training). It is 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Traditionally it is a total of 4 minutes in length (8 rounds).

This morning we did several in this order

Side Straddle Hops


Hand-Release Merkins

Shoulder Press

Core (planks, peter parkers, parker peters, left and right plank side holds)

Run 20 walk 10

To finish off the morning we did 4-6 sets of 30 seconds burpee ball over the shoulder with minimal rest time

This Saturday (March 19th) is the 6 Year Anniversary csaup! 

Here is the schedule:
7:00am – Workout at St. Simons Community Church 

7:30am – Ruck/Walk to Coast Guard (3.1 Miles)

8:30am – Workout on the beach between Coast Guard and Massengale

9:00am – Ruck/Walk to Pier (1.4 Miles)

9:30am – Workout at Pier

10:00am – Coffeeteria at Palm Coast

Questions? Contact Butterfinger (912) 269-4072


D2 (859) 285-8880


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