Drizzling B.O.M.B.S.

Nine pax met in the rainy gloom to get some good work in. We warmed up with neck stretches, arm circles, weed pickers, finkel kicks and some SSH. Then we paired up and the work began:

B – Burpees X 50

O – Overhead Claps X 100

M – Merkins X 150

B – Big boy situps X 200

S – Squats X 250

Once complete, we lined up for a mosey out to the main road and back through the main drop off lane entrance while doing shuttle runs and back to COT. We logged approximately 1.5 miles each at the end of the workout.

Announcements – Silver Bluff 5k this Saturday. Sign up for some more miles in the rain.

Prayer Requests – Fidgetspinner’s friend Donnie who passed away yesterday, WarChicken’s friend who lost a spouse recently, Ukraine in the fight for their freedom.


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