March Miles – Dragging Tires

10 HIMs gathered to complete the Renegade workout. After a warm-up we got to the thang.

We had a 18-wheeler tire with a rope and 4 harnesses attached. The goal was to drag the tire around the parking lot until we reached a mile. While 4 dragged the tire, the others ran the opposite way and then tagged in. The tire never stopped moving.

Finished with some abs. Prayers for Ukraine and Alzheimer (flu). Snowball made a returning appearance looking better than ever.

#MrBrady (war-legend, war-daddy, respect), #Butterfinger (respect), #Blackberry (respect), #Snowball (respect), #Fidgetspinner (respect), #Loveseat, #Lowlights, #Mallcop, #Siri, #YogiBear


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