This is not the warm-up

11 HIMs gathered to get some work done and start the day right. We did some light warm up exercises of SSH, Weed Pickers, Finkle Kicks, and LBAC then lined up on the cones in the drop off lane.

Mosey to other end of cones then 1 merkin/1 squat. Mosey back, 2 merkin/2 squat. See the pattern? Up to 10, different movements each time, shuffling, skipping, burpee at each cone, final one was a sprint race 2 at a time, D2 for first time in life had a challenge with Lowlight, who I think should be renamed Lightspeed.

Mosey around parking lot then to playground, alternate bear crawl/crab walk on center concrete pad to end then 1 pull up/6 dips, continue to 6 pull ups/1 dip.

Back to cones, sprint race again in pairs to other end.

Circle up, ab exercises, I was called horrible names by one guy who didn’t like being told to have his feet at 6″ for a length of time!

Close up with announcements, D2 has big announcement at HH 530 sharp.

Hearbreaker closed in prayer.

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