Dora at Uncle Don’s

Seven pax met in the gloom for a relatively run-heavy workout this am. We had Smokey attending his second workout, as well as an FNG with Fidget Spinner.

After some dynamic stretching, we moseyed to Parkers and did 15 merkins, 15 jump squats, and 15 crunchy frogs.

Moseyed to Neptune Avenue, where we did 10 absolutions in cadence.

The pax split at this point – half took the long way down Neptune Avenue, half took a shortcut. We met up and moseyed to Magnolia avenue. Dora – 100 merkins, 100 squats, 100 crunchy frogs as a team.

Moseyed to oaks near AO, did 10 more absolutions in cadence. Ended with fitness challenge.

COT – welcome FNG Low Lights!

Enjoyed the mumblechatter with some new pax this morning. Weather was cold but we warmed up quickly.


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